MasterCook On the Cloud To Soon Have the Bestselling Software Program’s Full Functionality

  • Two-phase plan set for completion by end of 2016
  • Widens features and functionality of
  • Enhances user’s online experience
  • Implements USDA certified pro-user features
  • Advances performance & social media possibilities
  • Introduces collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu

SAN MARINO, Calif.; March, 2016 – MasterCook today announces the rollout of a two-­‐phase plan that will provide website users with MasterCook’s full desktop experience by enhancing and improving its functionality. Phase one is currently set in motion, with its completion to be carried out over the next five to six months. This beginning phase will deliver desktop abilities to all devices through the cloud, implement pro-­‐user features and improve performance issues.

Phase One: Full Recipe and Cookbook Management Functionality Through the Cloud
Through phase one, users will soon be able to access their full, robust MasterCook account from any device at any given time. In the past, the programs wide-­‐range of features were limited to the desktop version. After completion, users will be able to take advantage of MasterCook’s long list of recipe and cookbook management tools from any laptop, handheld or desktop. Such features include importing recipes, managing cookbooks, printing, meal planning, expanding search and detailing shopping lists, all from and within the cloud.

Offers Pro-User Features for Home and Professional Chefs with USDA Certified Information
In order to standardize its data base for its vast audience, MasterCook will be implementing pro-­‐user features. With the option to select from USDA certified ingredients and measurements, users will be provided with a greater, more accurate analysis of nutritional information. For example, the amount of sugar or phosphorus in any given ingredient, as well as the proper measurement of uncommon ingredients.

Advances Performance and Enhances User Interface
Due to a recent increase in traffic to MasterCook’s website and system, MasterCook is adapting to the needs and feedback from its users to best implement the technologies available. Phase one will strengthen the program’s high volume processing, scalability, global caching and load balancing. Additionally, it will move to further develop the efficiency and speed of the program’s media content and imagery.

“The MasterCook Android/iOS Apps, along with our new cloud storage, has been very successful,” Melissa Lanchantin, CEO of MasterCook, describes. “Since launching in July, users have uploaded over 7 million recipes to their individual accounts on Phase one will improve performance and syncing speed, along with enhancements to the user interface.”

Heightens Social Media Possibilities
Furthermore, phase one will provide users with the opportunity to fully embrace social media. With the addition of Open Graphs across MasterCook’s multiple platforms, sharing personal recipes, cookbooks and photos will be swift and simple. Sharing is made easy through Open Graphs by providing pages with quick, one-­‐click buttons that can distribute content across different social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Le Cordon Bleu from MasterCook Infuses French Cuisine into Recipe Management & Cooking App
In the coming weeks, MasterCook will unveil an exciting new product resulting from a collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu International, the pre-­‐eminent culinary arts institution. Le Cordon Bleu Recipes from MasterCook features a cookbook of classic French Recipes from Le Cordon Bleu from Paris. In addition, a new companion blog will feature exclusive recipes, techniques and tips from Le Cordon Blue International alumni and other accomplished chefs.

About MasterCook
Since its development by Arion Software in 1992, MasterCook has become America’s favorite cooking software and recipe management tool. Today MasterCook serves thousands of home and professional chefs across the country. Its successful software program allows user to create recipes and cookbooks, perform cost and nutritional analyses, scale recipes and construct meal plans among several other features.


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